RedHart Knows the Web

You know your business. 

RedHart works with small businesses and non-profits to leverage their knowledge of their business and their communications skills to create an effective online presence. We build on the belief that you, the business or non-profit owner or manager, know your business and know how to speak to customers and  potential customers about your business….but you need help with organizing your ideas into a form that works on the web so that customers and  potential customers will find you and seek out your services.

A Website is Not Enough

Not long ago just having a website was the key to an online presence  but now the website is just the start….or, more accurately, the center of your web presence. Social media, review sites and sites specific to your interest can be used to promote your business….and bring them into your website or your business.

From simple websites to fully integrated online marketing campaigns to content management or e-commerce solutions, RedHart  can help. Contact us today to see how we can work together.